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Vendor Info

Hi business owners!


Time to get up and do the happy dance- Women Out in Worcester is back! And, in case you didn’t hear the news…


This year, it’s going to be bigger, better, and more bad@$$ than ever.


If you want to be part of something amazing, then keep reading, because we’d love for you to be a part of it too. But first, it’s important that we go through some fine details (yeah, we know.. the boring stuff) to make sure you understand what this event is all about and make sure you’re the right fit.


First thing’s first: What is Women Out in Worcester?


We have worked hard to create an annual event to bring together fabulous women from in and around Worcester for an evening of pure fun! With the help and support of local vendors, we can offer women the best “ladies night out” they’ve ever experienced. Check out this video from last year’s event. (Seriously though, watch it.)


Is WOW the right marketing tactic for my business?


We are putting you face-to-face with about 200+ women ages 18+ for three hours. Not only are you able to market to them, but you can create a relationship with each woman you speak to… that’s invaluable for your business. This year, are looking for businesses that:

  • Understand + appreciate the importance of event marketing
  • Target females, ages 18+
  • Are comfortable spending $150 on a space (This is our base rate for a space at WOW. Sponsorships are available for a higher price for those vendors looking for additional marketing prior to, and throughout, the event.)
  • Are not direct sales companies… We’re sorry; it was such a hard decision that we had to make for this year’s event. Please don’t hate us!


Okay, great! I meet the requirements and am excited to get involved. What’s next?


Due to the high level of interest already shown for this year’s event, we had to alter the application process. Unfortunately (and importantly), just because you apply using the form does not ensure you and your business a spot at WOW. Not everyone that applies will be chosen as a vendor.  We have a very limited amount of space available and are committed to making sure that there is as much variety as possible. Therefore, if we think you’re a good fit for this year’s event, we will absolutely follow-up with you on, or before, July 31. (If not, please don’t take it the wrong way and definitely apply to be a vendor next year.) Those who are selected as vendors will be emailed a formal application and more information. To apply to be a vendor, please click here. In the message box, please indicate that you’re applying to be a vendor and also include your company name.


We look forward to hearing from you! Have a fabulous day!