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You'll go entirely bonkers for our favorite Alice in Wonderland event ideas! Click here to discover ways to incorporate Carroll's novel into your next event.
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Down the Rabbit Hole: A Wonderland Inspired Event

09 Dec Down the Rabbit Hole: A Wonderland Inspired Event

Lewis Carroll’s eclectic novel has since been a favorite of young adult reads. Surprisingly enough, Wonderland is the perfect recipe for almost any occasion and for all ages. You’ll go entirely bonkers for 5 of our favorite event ideas!

Drink me

Recreate Alice’s mix of cherry tart, pineapple, toffy and some mystery ingredients. Click here to follow easy steps of how to make the perfect drink in literature.


[Image: Food in Literature]

Charming Tea Party Centerpieces

It could not be an Alice in Wonderland themed event without tea! To take on this DIY project, all you’ll need are some mix matched tea sets and super glue!


[Image: Deer Pearl Flowers]

Queen’s Croquet Court

Your friends will be sure to have some fun playing croquet! This is even a DIY project that won’t take your head off.


[Image: Home Depot]

Cheshire Cat Grins

Keep guests mingling and have a memory taken to keep as a souvenir!


[Image: Pintrest]

Keep calm and don’t be late for the next important date! Contact us for all assistance needed in planning a one-of-a-kind Wonderland adventure.

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