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Brainstorming new events apart from the holidays, and reinventing the attendee experience can be hard. Click here for a compiled a list of unique event ideas.
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A Plethora of Outside-of-the-Box Event Ideas

09 Dec A Plethora of Outside-of-the-Box Event Ideas

Do you ever struggle with brainstorming new events apart from the holidays, or how to reinvent the attendee experience to keep it fresh? To help you along, we’ve compiled a list of ten popular event ideas that may help inspire your next best event. We would love to hear of your dream events. Please let us know in the comments!


This event is an entertaining night and a great excuse to throw on a fancy dress! So dance the night away with friends and feel extraordinary.


If you’re into being fit and want to start a competition with friends, an endurance event would be perfect for you! Typically the individual feats of stamina are races, cycling and swimming. However, if you prefer, this could involve dancing for 24 hours of comic relief.

Flash mob

May sound scary, but can be lots of fun! Orchestrated through social media, these appear spontaneous to gawking witnesses. Haven’t seen one? Click here.


Gather your tech friends together to build a prototype… but time them! Fueled by pizza and caffeine, the night is sure to be charged.

Hackathon, Unique Event Ideas

[Image: ING]

Historical Reenactment

Immerse yourself in Gettysburg and reenact the most epic Civil War battle. We’re sure everyone will fight over General John Reynolds!

Historial Reenactment, Unique Event Ideas

[Image: USA Today]


No, not a pig roast… although those are fun, too! This is a twist on honoring one main person – like Star Trek’s William Shatner’s show – but with gentle ego-checked mocking.

Silent Disco

Instead of playing music out loud, attendees are provided headphones and can dance to the tune like no one’s watching…

Silent Disco, Unique Event Ideas

[Image: Roller Magic]


An online seminar, or webinar, is where attendees can follow slides by web or phone – an excellent format for educational based events targeting a large audience.

Adventure Therapy

Guided walking tours through nature can be just the escape needed! Often the wilderness expeditions take hikes and meditate to replenish at the top.


Be present at a ballet performance or musical. There are limitless ways to appreciate wonderfully talented artists!

Arts, Unique Event Ideas

[Image: eventful]

Wouldn’t it be fun to throw a masquerade or a mud run?! We hope some events raised your interest. If you need any help with the planning process or would like some additional ideas for you party, please give us a call!

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